BioFuel CWM

Bioavailable carbon source for natural phosphate and nitrate reduction in temperate marine aquaria


• Formulated specifically for temperate (“cold water”) marine aquaria.

• Combines multiple non-sugar, non-alcohol organic carbon sources shown to significantly

   stimulate cell respiration for enhanced nutrient uptake by microbes present in system,

   resulting in natural depletion of nitrate and phosphate.

• Completely safe and biologically-sound, non-flammable alternative to using vodka or ethanol.

   Not aldehyde-based.

• Indirectly benefits corals and other suspension-feeding invertebrates by encouraging

   reproduction of bacterioplankton (an important food source for those organisms).

• Encourages polyp-expansion in corals, anemones, and their allies.

• Formulated by a marine scientist.



250-, 500-ml, 2-, 20-L

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