Winter and Spring water treatment for nutrient control and biological filtration maintenance


• May be used in winter and spring to maintain optimal biological filtration potential during

   periods when plant growth is slower.

• Encourages the growth of desirable plants, thereby discouraging algae.

• Improves water clarity (typically within 60-minutes of dosing).

• Decreases pond odor.

• Encourages better water conditions and a cleaner bottom substrate (without physically

   cleaning it) by consuming uneaten/undigested food, fish and snail waste, and decaying

   plant tissue.

• Increases dissolved oxygen concentration in water.

• Dramatically reduces hydrogen sulfide production.

• Rapidly reduces particulate waste (“sludge”) that accumulates during cold seasons when

   plant activity is low.

• Particularly useful in heavily-fed ponds.

• Formulated utilizing extensive data compiled by microbiologists.

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