Pelletized Bioreactive Filtration Media for Nitrate and Phosphate Control


  • Bioactive filtration media, providing an ideal colonization substrate and a suitable source
    of organic carbon to beneficial microbes responsible for uptake of nitrate and phosphate.
  • Helps decrease latent organic material, and hence nitrate and phosphate concentrations,
    in aquaria, greatly simplifying and improving nutrient control relative to methods based
    solely upon using vodka or other alcohol/sugar solutions as organic carbon sources.
  • May be used with MicroBacter7 and/or as part of a low-nutrient approach to aquarium
  • Improves water clarity through remineralization of latent dissolved organic compounds
    present in system.
  • Safe for use in all freshwater and marine aquaria, including planted and reef systems.
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600g | 3.2kg | 16kg

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