Balanced Major, Minor, and Trace Element and Buffer System for Nano-Reef Aquaria



  • Part of a complete system for simplifying and maintaining proper water chemistry in
    very small (e.g. “nano”) reef aquaria.
  • NanoCode B provides molecules that increase pH stability and form an integral part
    of aragonite, the mineral that is secreted by reef-building organisms.
  • Used in conjunction with NanoCōde A, promotes stable water chemistry and improves
    rate of biogenic aragonite formation.
  • Contains no phosphate, silicate, or organic material.
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*Due to the nature of iodide and the manner in which it interacts with organic material, it is unsuitable for indiscriminate
dosing. As such, iodide is not present in NanoCode A or B. Regular partial water changes with a quality salt mix, or direct
supplementation with an iodide solution, will achieve adequate, controlled dosage of iodide in small reef aquaria.



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